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New laboratories at University of Suthern Denmark


During the summer 2014 the Science Faculty in Odense was totally modernized. 2500 m2 of laboratories and offices were renewed. The laboratories were upgraded to GMO standards and the building got an atrium yard with a glass roof. Yet one more university can provide inspiring surroundings to its students and researchers, and we appreciate the fine cooperation with other entrepreneurs and the university on the project. Architect/main advisor:  Nøhr & Sigsgaard, Copenhagen.



Special big scale fume cupboards installed at Haldor Topsøe’s


Topsoe’s catalysts and technologies are used around the world for sustainable energy solutions. The R and D department in Denmark has a need for laboratory working environment exceeding what a normal range of laboratory furniture will meet. Labmodul has designed chain connected fume cupboards and provided a big amount of very individual solutions for the laboratories. Thank you, Haldor Topsøe, for the challenge – we hope to have supported new research achievements in your field.



Progress at Panum


The Panum Institute (Faculty of Health Sciences, Copenhagen University) building 24.2 is under total reconstruction to serve a new research team. The interior design is also aimed at better energy efficiency. Thus Labmodul is an obvious choice as the lab furniture supplier. For several years we have focused on low energy solutions and the remarkable fume cupboard series “Greenline” developed by Labmodul was earlier tested by the university. In the current installation also the entire light installation is the low energy version. Another main topic in this reconstruction is to integrate ergonomic furniture with height adjustment in the layout. The new laboratories are planned to open this summer, at the project is carried out in cooperation with the advisors, C. F. Møller Architects and EKJ Engineers.



Pharma Science Centre Building


The new Faculty of Health Sciences, the Pharma Science Centre Building, by C. F. Møller Architects, is now rising in the skyline of Copenhagen University North Campus. Labmodul has been chosen as supplier of all laboratory furniture, and the Pharma Science Center will be among the first sites to have a newly developed duct system for laboratories installed. The laboratories will meet a urgent need for more facilities in the fields of chemistry, biology and technical pharmacology, We look forward to delivering laboratories to extend the academic research of the university!



Hospital saves energy costs


Herlev Hospital and Labmodul A/S are executing a radical energy optimization of fume cupboards, fume cupboard automatism and energy-saving sash window automatism. Led by the wish to reduce the running expenses remarkably Herlev Hospital has chosen to replace a great number of their fume cupboards with new Greenline fume cupboards from Labmodul. Existing fume cupboards will be renovated and the contemporary automatism systems will be replaced by low-energy solutions and will be supplemented with sash window automatism from IOILAB as well. We expect to save of up to 40 % of the running expenses for ventilation, heat and electricity.




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