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Add to Catalog Download PDF FUME CUPBOARD BASIC
Greenline Basic
Effective fume cupboard for safety, ergonomics in a modern and timeless design. The fume cupboard is designed according to the EN / DS 14175 fume cupboard standard and meets all international safety requirements.
Add to Catalog Download PDF FUME CUPBOARD PRO
Greenline Pro
Efficient fume cupboard with maximum security , ergonomics and flexibility in a modern design. The construction of the fume cupboard adheres to the EN/DS 14175 fume cupboard safety standard and fore fill international demands to safety and performance with a special focus on user friendliness.
Add to Catalog Download PDF WALK IN FUME CUPBOARD
Walk-in-Fume Cupboard
A well-run type approved fume cupboard at an attractive price!

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