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The modular sections can be adjusted so that the table tops are steplessly mounted in the ergonomically correct height for the purpose. Height adjustable tables provide ergonomically correct working positions and flexibility at workplaces with multiple users or sedentary work functions. The tables are supplied for all purposes and are offered in different module dimensions for optimal utilization of room fittings.

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Sedentary work has become a commonplace for many office workers. When you sit still in front of the computer for many hours, it gives you an increased risk of damage and it affects your energy level. A height adjustable table allows you to switch between sitting and standing. The technique in and around the engine is the heart of the table. It's the one that ensures quiet and calm movements when you raise and lower your table, ensuring that your table top is always set flat. At Labmodul you get one table with one engine that can handle it all.

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